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How does it feel to be hypnotized

Knowing that physical relaxation is the most noticeable characteristic of a trance, being hypnotized has some superficial resemblance to sleep, and thus the name hypnosis, from Hypnos, the Greek God of Sleep.

Relaxed physically

Considering the general sensation of hypnosis, some of my clients describe it as a warm soothing blanket of relaxation which progressively loosens and softens their entire physical self.

Others describe sensations of floating or weightlessness. For all, being into hypnosis is a combination of deep physical and mental relaxation with heightened awareness.

Relaxed mentally

hypnosis how it feels

When in hypnosis, you will also be mentally relaxed, becoming particularly cooperative and mellow. You are neither awake nor asleep and being into trance has nothing to do with being unconscious either. You are somewhere in between, almost like being awake while sleeping, letting go of all worries and thoughts.

hypnosis, how it feels

With heightened awareness

A hypnotic trance is a variable experience that has many factors unique to each of my hypnotherapy clients. It is a state of consciousness when your focus of awareness allows you to become greatly absorbed in the experience and sensations of your ideas. You tune out most of the stimuli around you. Like in a daydream, you are absorbed in the experience and sensations of your thoughts, ideas, and images coming to your mind.

You remain totally in control of yourself. You can speak and be aware of all noises and activity around you but you pay no attention to extraneous, irrelevant stimuli. You have this absolute fixation of attention, focusing more precisely on my words and the images I describe.

With a sensation of time expansion or contraction

When hypnotized, your notion of time may change. You will experience the expansion or contraction of time. As you drift in and out of the various levels of trance, the way you perceive passing time alters. You may feel that one minute lasts ten or half an hour seems like that five minutes have passed.

Being hypnotized is the most relaxing experience that you would enjoy.

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