Weight Reduction

In Life, You Will Never Achieve
Beyond Your Self-Image!


You may have extra weight that you want to loose. You are not the only one. Obesity is epidemic and affects millions of North-Americans. As the Ancient Egyptian proverb says: “One quarter of what we eat keeps us alive. The other three quarters keeps our doctor alive.”

Do you find yourself eating when you know you are not hungry and can’t figure out WHY? Have you tried diets over and over and then gain the weight back? Are you tired of being mad at yourself for lacking control? Tired of the struggle and sometimes the embarrassment to be overweight?

The way you think about yourself is the key to the positive change I can help you to accomplish. You will learn how to picture yourself thinner at the subconscious level of your mind; think of yourself at your desired ideal weight, naturally creating a healthier lifestyle to suit that image.

In order to help you loose weight, I offer three different special programs:

  • 6 or 12 in-office/online private sessions at reduced cost: Customized private sessions
  • An audio program to listen to in the comfort of your home: Standard audio recordings
  • A group seminar. (Check dates and locations): Group sessions
  • Why can’t I reduce my weight?

    There are many reasons why people struggle with food. Some of it may have to do with childhood programming like “Always clean your plate” or it may be due to beliefs and fears that have been taking place as an adult. Sometimes people are just stressed and they use food as stress relief.

    If it seems like every time you make some progress to get a little bit slimmer, you end up sliding back to old habits where you began, or worse, then what is good for loosing weight permanently?

    Hypnosis is the solution

    hypnosis weight loss

    Are you ready to accept help? What is needed is a tool to change long-term patterns of eating and physical activity. And more important, a motivation method to boost the desire to apply these changes to loose weight.

    If you are using the powerful tool of hypnosis, you will soon begin living a healthier, happier and more satisfying life. You will be able to reach and maintain your ideal size and weight.

    The result is that thousands of pounds have been discarded by happy clients who have reached and maintained the size and shape they were desiring for so many years. They are now eating anything they want and as much as they want, but they don’t want much! They think like a “THIN PERSON”.

    There are other ways than hypnosis to change your eating habits but… Do you really want to staple your stomach? Take pills that affect your central nervous system? Or replace food with liquid drinks? You may have quite a bit of hesitation, don’t you?

    While those methods seem too risky, hypnosis is a safe and powerful solution.

    Achieve sustainable weight loss

    Hypnosis is the tool by excellence to allow your subconscious mind to be in alignment with your conscious goal. For lasting changes to occur, conditioning on a subconscious level is necessary because all bad eating habits are imprinted in your subconscious.

    The idea is to loose weight sensibly, naturally and effectively without dieting or restrictive eating. Diet is unnecessary. You just have to stop a few of your weight-gaining habits and adopt a few new weight-losing habits. With these patterns of healthier lifestyle programmed in your subconscious mind, you will gain control and be on your way to create a new self-image.

    A whole lifestyle change is what is needed

    Being into hypnosis, allowing yourself to focus on the power of your subconscious mind, you can re-program all your old eating habits in accordance with a new healthier lifestyle and behavior. You can also stop any emotional eating behaviour you may have. You will already be adopting a healthier living for the rest of your life without you really understanding what is happening.

    hypnosis weight loss

    What I am hearing from clients after they have used my help and benefited from my weight reduction program is: “I don’t even have to think about making good decisions, it just happens automatically.” and “I can eat anything I want, but what I want has changed.”

    In fact, by simply using words and the power of your imagination, you have the capability to establish a mind-body connection.

    The mind body connection

    If you are willing to approach weight reduction from the “inside” using this mind body connection to clear and light the way, you will be surprised at the results you can achieve safely and simply.

    With hypnotherapy, you will achieve your goal to get the shape and body you want. It will change your life, bring more joy and freedom to do things you never thought possible. As one of my clients said: “When I was big, it was like I was invisible. Now that I am slim, it feels like the world has noticed I exist!”

    If your goal is to permanently reduce your weight, be healthier and probably feel more attractive, I can certainly help you. Are you ready to be noticed again?


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