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Stress Relief

Everyone experiences anxiety now and again. It involves a combination of feelings such as fear, restlessness, and worry. It may also be accompanied by physical sensations such as palpitations, chest pain, upset stomach and shortness of breath.

Anxiety is a familiar state

We live in a very fast-paced, high-stress world, and we need to be able to seek out professional help. Anxiety-related conditions are the most common psychological afflictions of many people and account for a major percentage of initial complaints to psychiatrists as well as general practitioners.
How is stress and anxiety related?

Stress is caused by external pressure while anxiety is caused by internal pressure. The physical symptoms of stress and anxiety can be very similar. Many people use the word “stress” instead of anxiety. As soon as we remove or think differently of the situation initially causing stress, the anxiety can be considerably diminished.

Stress involves physical and emotional reactions that are the opposite of relaxation. Stress can result from either positive or negative events. Stressors or anxiety provoking events are highly subjective to the individuals.

Anxiety is detrimental to your body

hypnosis anxieties
If you suffer high levels of anxiety over a long period, you may develop physical ailments as a result. At the extreme end, anxieties can be irrational and form a mental health problem. It is when anxiety runs out of control that problems set in.

Hypnosis: a marvelous stress antidote!

Hypnotherapy has a good track record. With hypnotherapy, you will go back to the source of your anxieties, learn to recognize them and take control so when a similar situation occurs, you will feel at peace to deal with what is happening in your life. Taking responsibility is the most productive way. Using hypnosis with positive visualizations and self suggestions, you will find new opportunities. There are no guarantees in life, only opportunities.

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