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Health is the First Wealth!
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Medical Support

Acceptance of Clinical hypnotherapy in our modern times has evolved slowly but is now largely used and promised to a great development in the years to come.

Knowing that more and more patients are asking their physicians for information on various complimentary therapies, hypnotherapy has become in fact a wonderful way to complement western medicine in alleviating some health challenges that do not respond to conventional medical treatment.

The highest percentages of utilization are among people with chronic illnesses for which traditional therapies offer little relief and hope.

Adjunct to traditional medicine

Hypnosis has historically been used in healing for a long time. The history of hypnosis for medical support goes back for at least 5000 years to the ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and is referred in the Ebers Papyrus, the oldest medical document.

In 1955, the British Medical Association issued a report on hypnosis in the British Medical Journal, indicating that it has a definite application in the various fields of medicine.

hypnosis medical support

Three years later in 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) published a report from a 2-year study on hypnosis by the council on Mental Health.

The AMA approved hypnosis as an adjunct to traditional medicine, reporting that there can be “definite and proper uses of hypnosis in medical and dental practice”.

Mind body connection

Many researchers have proven over recent years that there is a very real connection between what happens in our mind and what happens in our body, continually finding evidence that the brain has a distinct power to manipulate the body’s physiology. Many of these studies, articles and careful methodical work have confirmed the benefits of hypnotherapy as an adjunct to western medicine.

Among others, the internationally well renowned Mayo Clinic published a few years ago a comprehensive article on the efficiency of hypnosis in medicine. It includes documentation of the value of hypnosis in clinical trials for a wide variety of medical uses.

If you wish, you can download the 14-page article, published in 2005 by the Mayo Clinic, entitled: HYPNOSIS IN CONTEMPORARY MEDICINE by James H. Stewart, MD. DOWNLOAD

We are what we think!

Our thoughts govern the condition of our body, and our body responds to all of our thoughts. Our body is the combination of what we eat and what we think. Good health, happiness and youthfulness should ideally be its normal state.

Knowing that our mind can affect the way our body functions, this can work in our favour or detriment, depending on our ability to control our thoughts. Clinical hypnotherapy uses this mind-body connection to deliver positive thoughts, images, and ideas throughout the body that are helpful in healing many medical conditions and promoting well-being.

medical1-web It is safe, inexpensive, has no negative side-effects and is drug free. This last point is very important knowing that all medications have a price to pay in side effects. Sometimes, the reward is worth the price you have to pay. Sometimes, it is not.

The use of hypnosis can alleviate an amazing range of physical problems such as lessening or removing pain, influencing blood flow, eliminating skin problems or digestive disorders, stimulating the immune response just to mention a few.

Our miraculous power is in our mind

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I don’t claim to use miraculous powers to heal anybody. My goal is to be a facilitator, a guide in helping you with the use of hypnosis to tap into the inner resources of your subconscious mind to heal your own body. Think of the body as the reflection of the mind.

See: The Subconscious Mind

The medical applications of hypnosis are not imaginary. It has been proven by many researches that clinical hypnotherapy helps to reduce and often alleviates completely physical and medical issues that a physician qualifies as psychosomatic in nature. Often, roadblocks to healing readiness are psycho-emotional issues.

In an era when people take more and more medications, with more and more side effects and interactions, it is exciting to think that this great breakthrough in health might come from a less invasive source that is hypnosis.


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