How Hypnotizable Are You?

Online Quiz

Some researchers say that certain personality traits help determine our hypnotizability. Those researchers would ask you to take this quiz to see if you are extremely hypnotizable, slightly hypnotizable, or somewhere in the middle.

Have you been hypnotized before? If you have, you know all about it!
If not… It is your chance to get an idea of your initial responsiveness to hypnosis. Everyone can be hypnotized. The more practice you have, the deeper in hypnosis you will go. Enjoy the quiz!

1.  Do you often feel extremely emotional about a book or a movie?


2.  Do you often daydream?


3.  Do you believe most everything your dentist tells you?


4.  Do you, or are you tempted to, take in stray animals?


5.  When you return from a trip you enjoyed, do you try to persuade those you love to take the same trip?


6.  When you see a child crying, do you feel your own tears coming on?


7.  Do you sometimes wonder how you drove to a particular place?


8.  Would you say that you enjoy most days of your life, without excessive worrying about the future?


9.  Are you a good list maker?


10.  Would you say that you enjoy most days of your life, without excessive worrying about the past?


11.  Are you a good card player?


12.  Does your mind wander when you sit down to read?


13.  Do you become deeply absorbed in TV shows?


14.  Are you very well organized?


15.  Are you good at games requiring memory skills?


16.  Do you often doubt your car mechanic?


17.  Do you usually know what you will be doing two weeks from Sunday?


18.  Do you enjoy debating ideas?


19.  Would you say you are reasonable and steady in life?


20.  When things go wrong, do you easily panic?



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