“Kick out your smoking habit!”
Audio program
6 recordings

“Kick out your smoking habit!”
Audio program
6 recordings


Give yourself a gift for a better and healthier lifestyle by getting rid forever of your poisonous habit of inhaling smoke!

Stop Smoking

In the comfort of your own home, listen to my series of “KICKING OUT FOREVER YOUR SMOKING HABIT!” audio scripts to guarantee your success.

My hypnosis audio program will create underlying changes at the subconscious level of your mind. Like “flipping a switch”, it will re-program your mind, liberating you from your psychological addiction.

Without really knowing why, you will automatically loose your interest in smoking any form of tobacco. Your new lifestyle will feel so natural, creating long lasting success.

Each session is between 22-28 mins. in length.

Below is a list of the audio scripts titles.

  • Deeper and deeper relaxed!
  • Gain confidence using your subconscious mind’s ability to make you stop smoking
  • Confirm once and for all the healthy lifestyle choice you are making
  • Shut off your mental, physical, psychological, and emotional desire to smoke
  • Use your personal mantra “I am in full control….”
  • Embrace fully your “New You” identity as a non smoker



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