“Train Your Mind to be a Better Golfer!”



Golf is a mental game and controlling your mind is the key to great golf. Sports hypnosis is the missing ingredient for any golfer! It is the quickest, most powerful and safe way to drastically transform your golf game. These group sessions are an opportunity to develop the appropriate mental attitudes and skills to enable you to golf at your best.

Why are so many golfers stuck at their current skill level?

Because most golfers never train their mind. They may have invested hundreds of dollars in equipment but never on themselves, with mental training. They believe that performance is simply all about their swing. Having a solid swing is essential to play golf but it is not the key to take five strokes off your score. The golf secret relies on knowing how to focus and manage the thoughts and emotions on the golf course. “Golf is played with the body but won with the mind”.

How do elite golfers play their mental game?

Most pro-golfers have already discovered the power of hypnosis. It is their secret weapon and it can be yours too. It allows them to master their mental game and play in the ‘Zone’. It is the “mental edge” every golfer is searching for. By incorporating mental training and developing in hypnosis anchored ‘triggers’ to instantly access power states while playing, you will reach higher summits of performance.

Would you like to take 3 to 5 strokes off your game?

Sports Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goal. It is 100% safe, wonderfully enjoyable, a cutting-edge sports technique of the most effective kind. Feeling instantly relaxed, hypnosis will bring you in this highly concentrated state of mind, giving you a cast-iron mental strength boosted with confidence and focus on your game.

Learn how to harness the tremendous power of your subconscious mind, how to play with more confidence and be more relaxed, how to concentrate better, how to use visualization properly, how to develop a pre-shot routine that will trigger your access to the highly concentrated state of mind called the ‘Zone’.

This jealously-guarded secret used by elite golfers is now available to you. You can also learn how to think like a pro, by conditioning your mind to success!

Master your mental game. Play in the ‘Zone’!

These specialized sessions are a lot more than just theory. They are filled up with practical exercises ready to be applied on the golf course.

The entire program consists in three modules.

* EACH MODULE is offered separately and has to be taken in the order 1, 2 and 3. You can benefit from a discount if you decide in advance to prepay for more than one module.


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