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Let our imagination build our reality!

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One’s emotion and imagination are of more value than attempting to succeed with willpower alone. By imagining what we want and changing what we pay attention to, our subconscious will help us to see all the things that will make a goal in life more attainable and eventually our reality.

Remember the saying: “What the subconscious perceives, it achieves!”

Talk success, think success, act success, imagine and dream success and then successful things will occur.

We get what we expect

What is expected tends to be manifested.

“If you believe you can, or believe you can’t… you’re right.” Henry Ford

What very few people realize is that in life we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect. When our desires (I want) and imagination (I expect) are in conflict, our imagination invariably gains the day.

Suppose we were asked to walk along a 2X6 plank that is resting on the floor. We should do it easily, without question. But now suppose the same plank were twenty feet up, stretching between two 10-storey buildings. Would we walk it? Could we? Probably not!

But what is the difference? Our desire or will to walk the length of the plank would come into conflict with our imagination expecting us to fall.

We are what we imagine to be

Our mental attitude, the way we think, feel, and believe determines our destiny. The problem is that most people go through life with subconscious expectations of failure. It has been said that having no expectations are expectations of “no”.

Nothing is predetermined in life. We can mould, fashion, and create our own future. Using our imagination and expecting it to happen is the real willpower.


It is important to get our imagination involved with the benefits of achieving a goal by fantasizing it as present reality. And this should be done during hypnosis while we are opening the door to the subconscious mind.

It is like selling success to our subconscious. When we imagine the reality of our fulfilled desire and feel the thrill of accomplishment, our subconscious brings about the realization of our desire.

This expands our self-image to include the achievement of a goal as part of who we are. However, motivation and action are necessary.

This is why imagining winning the lottery is not a goal because it relies purely on chance. It is a daydream’s fantasy. Of course there are winners but waiting to win the lottery as a goal is just not real!

It is more desirable to harness the power of our creative mindset and focus it in a more productive way, having an action plan to get what we expect to have. (not want)

Involving all our senses

It is of primary importance to get all of our five senses involved in what we imagine. We make our goal real by associating it with a kinesthetic feeling, a taste, smell, or even sound.

We can sense all the personal emotional feelings of having accomplished our goal, the satisfaction of success, the glow of accomplishment. When a person holds vivid images of success, the goal seems more achievable and worth the effort.

Sensing the satisfactions of achieving a goal (and the approval of others) provides important motivation. Those good feelings can generate passion for the goal. The more aspects of success we can include, the more effective the image of the future.

With my help and the help of hypnosis

With the use of hypnosis, we can plant the seeds of our goals deep in the subconscious and the opportunities to achieve them will begin appearing everywhere. But action has to be taken while these opportunities are being presented.

If we continually think of success, our subconscious mind will guide us to success. If we continually think loving thoughts, our subconscious mind will guide us to loving relationships

Remember that survival tells us “we are our past” while thriving tells us “we are a future that has not yet been defined”.

We all have a destiny to be great. Let’s live the life we imagine!

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